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  • Q. Can we get a hardware and/or software quotation?
  • A. Getting a hardware or software quotation from Patcoom is a fairly simple process, either call +6140 2107 939 or contact us through the contact form and ask for a quote - you will have to specify if you are a business and what type of business, and how many users you need to provide for. Quotations are valid only for 15 days the pricing in the IT industry vary quickly. We can quote on a single system or a large corporate network with servers.

  • Q. What do I have to do to have our website hosted with you?
  • A. Many hosting providers simply offer hosting, and little else, which means you need a designer to upload and sometimes maintain your website. With Patcoom will upload your website and get it running for you, and we will monitor and if you desire maintain the site as well. We offer a full package service, and for new clients we often provide tips of how the site may attract more visitors. There are no contracts for hosting - you are free to leave at any time.

  • Q. Do you develop programs or applications?
  • A. Patcoom, under a development contract, will develop programs in a variety of languages for clients who have a specific need. Although these developments can take time to bring to completion. We also develop or configure small apps that are used for web deployment for computers, iPads, iPhones or smart phones. These are smaller less involved but still require a contractual obligation.

  • How is voice files managed in your company?
  • A secure login account will be given which enables the medical professional to upload into the server. Our technical team of transcribers downloads this and transcribes the voice files.

  • Support
  • We are delighted to announce our Customer Services team is now available 24 hours a day, six days a week. This means that no matter where in the world you are, you can call us at a time that is convenient to you.

  • Refunds Policy
  • Patcoom reserves the right to grant or deny any refund requests.

    Refunds will not be given for services that are billed monthly or for one-time service fees, such as web design fees, Web Development fee, file recovery fees, domain redemption fees, SEO Fee, etc. You are eligible for a refund on hosting services that are not billed monthly.

    Domain name registrations, regardless if it is an initial registration or a renewal of an existing registration, cannot be cancelled and will remain in effect until the end of the registration term.

    The Company will not be held liable, nor refund a domain name registration due to spelling errors/typos.

    You are not entitled to any refund in relation to the domain name transferred to another registrar.