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Website Migration

Migrating Websites to a new hosting environment has always been a stressful process, but Patcoom can help you to make this a smooth transition. Our Website Migration service is affordable and fast. Patcoom team can execute programmatic revisions and functionality changes, and per-incident or monthly retained support and maintenance plans to manage our web assets while you focus on your core business. Regardless of the website, platform, programming language or hosting provider, Patcoom has the unmatched knowledge and experience to perfectly execute your website migration.

Migration- every time

Where other migration providers simply utilize a data "lift and shift" approach — disregarding critical factors like configuration, testing, cutovers and performance optimization—Patcoom deploys a proven migration methodology that minimizes potential issues before, during and after a website migration.

Server Hosting Migration

Our exclusive website migration and server migration cost estimating process is unmatched by anyone in the hosting or migration service industry.

We have expert team with experience migrating WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. Patcoom specializes in migration of custom applications built in almost all languages and frameworks, including PHP, .NET, Java etc.

In case you want to Migrate Your Site to a New Domain Being Devoid of Losing Your SEO Rankings, You Should Select Us A change in the domain name of your website can create huge impacts for your SEO. You should understand it all happens because the domain name of your site is linked to quite a lot of metrics:
  • Backlinks
  • Domain authority
  • Trust
  • Domain age
  • Page rank

Ahead of you purchasing a new domain, you should beyond doubt judge that even it’s necessary since in attendance a number of steps you’ll have to take to preserve your site content. If you suppose it to be essential, give us a chance to complete the entire task for you. Patcoom has a team of experts who are very much knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

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