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Unlimited Server Space

We offer not only that, but also unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of hosted domains.


Building Project Strategy

World Class Dynamic Software Development Approach.


Back Office Operation Made Easy

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes

Who we Are

Patcoom is a Medical Transcription and IT services company that leverages comprehensive business and technology solutions across various domains to help your business grow. Patcoom combines the newest technologies with its capabilities in consulting, Domain Registration, Applications Software, Web and Application hosting to meet the individual needs of organisations. Keeping the above in mind, we at Patcoom have successfully delivered services that have addressed corporate IT challenges including On-site Consulting, Technology Skill Gaps (TSGs), Budgetary Constraints Turnover.

We are a team of highly creative and Strong technical knowledge who work with extreme passion to ensure customer satisfaction. But more importantly, we are great people to work with, and truly enjoy what we do

Why Choose us

We are trading within Australia since 2012, and have been running its own hosting services since 2015. Patcoom offers Medidical Transcription, IT managed services and Web development for Small and Medium business world wide.
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Skilled Resources
  • Lower Costs
  • Confidentiality

A job is deserving doing if it is executed in the correct way!!

Our skilled team has a desired target which is achieved through required dedication, planning, teamwork and dreaming up collectively to achieve results. We all walk in a team and have great experience to understand the challenges which might be linked to the process of web work. For us, your satisfaction is the supreme vital obsession which we are exploring. So, give us an opening to work for you and live up your dreams.
Every worthy work urges for an exact pricing. However, we offer the best and appropriate price in the market, the great expenditure valuable services to our clients providing them the ability to make huge savings.

More Features

To offer the excellent service, obtain your online goals and objectives, the entire Patcoom team is enthusiastic to ensure that the services we present are built on reliability, decorum, and expertise. We take pleasure in proposing our customers with excellent customer service whenever they need our help.

At Patcoom, customer service is a fundamental part of our job. The most valuable assets we have are our customers. Without them, Patcoom might not have existed. Thus, we believe that satisfying you will not only help us grow and but also continue doing business with your friends and associates who joins us through your recommendation.

Our experienced team considers quality means an unyielding hunt of expertise that we set into every detail of our work. From the stylishness of the perception to the accuracy of its carrying out, we are rigid. Quality is how we guarantee that our work generates importance and worth for brands. We are satisfied in our honest come up to do business. Carrying out big things acquires a lot of expectation from our partners, clients, and staffs. Moreover, our experienced team members render their hard effort to always be uncomplicated and understandable in everything which is completed through us....
With our inborn expertise in IT services and over a decade’s of experience in the kingdom of web solutions, patcoom.com has the potential to offer complete clarifications to varied custom needs. Our team contains young, antagonistic, customer-focused experts who trust in proven methodologies, interactive technology, and integrated direct marketing disciplines. They have a wealth of happening in developing and deploying IT solutions for some of the most reputed companies....

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