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Web Design

At Patcoom, our unique web design services, equip you with everything you need to enhance your web presence. Presence with a forceful and attractive website means visitors are watching, scrutinizing and weighing marketing of your online business, thus creating more business opportunities. Today, a professional website is the foundation of a strong presence in the Internet.

Blending designing concepts with innovative ideas, we ensure that you have a prominent presence in the online business industry. Patcoom is offering web design service and solutions for customers. Our core competency is to promote your business online, to create online business opportunities and leads, and to empower your business. Please visit our portfolio here.

We ensure to build website that is

  • Attractive and user friendly.
  • Uplifts your business to a different level.
  • Converts visitors into valuable clients.
  • Engages and convinces your clients.
  • Our website design services will give your business a new online identity you can boast of.

A customized business website / business portal should have that aesthetic appeal to attract a visitor towards it and this is only possible when you have hired the services of a reputed design and development agency which has the finest of expertise and knowledge to deliver the best in its class. The option is wide open for you when it comes to choosing customized websites such as open source web development or a pure HTML site. Custom websites are easy to operate, handle and maintain which increases the user satisfaction and effectiveness. As a Web Design Company, we offer you customized, feature packed, user friendly, interactive and easy to navigate websites which create a robust impact on your business / company reputation and help reach out to your prospective clients in an interactive manner.

Responsive Web Design Testing Multiple Browsers Utilized During Development

During the testing phase of a responsive website design we utilize and take the help of various internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer ( not supported prior to Internet Explorer 9), Opera to test our design compatibility and adaptability to all said browsers. This helps us design websites that open in a perfect manner in all available internet browsers with the best screen resolution and size. This ensures perfection and precision which is both needed in creating a professional business website with all the said functionality and features. This is what we have been doing for years satisfying our clients.

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